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November 14 2015


How to Take Care of Prom gowns

Evening Dresses

Prom Dresses are delicate and often expensive items of clothing so when you've bought yours you'll want to do everything you can to manage it. There are a number of guidelines to ensure that your prom gown is saved in the best possible condition. So with simply a little forethought as well as you can take the best proper your prom dress before, during and after your prom. prom long dresses

Before your prom

Before your prom you need to take steps to prevent any creases or damage occurring for your gown. Most reputable prom dress retailers can provide complimentary garment bags with their prom dresses. Failing that you could purchase garment bags from supermarkets and several online retailers.

First, hang your dress within a garment bag. You need to hang it somewhere enough so that the skirt isn't touching the floor (or is only just touching). The places you hang it needs to ideally be described as a closed space such as a wardrobe. You should make sure that this place you choose to hang your prom dress isn't damp and get exposed to smells (e.g cooking smells). prom dresses sale

You could be tempted to try your dress on a few times but try to resist for two reasons. Firstly, prom dresses are very delicate items and also the more you take them on and off, the greater the risk that beading can be lose and even fall of. Secondly, the longer you have your dress away from its garment bag, the larger the chance is that it will become damaged by a tear or spill. Of course do a trial run with each of your shoes and accessories, just don't sit/walk around within your dress afterward! Thirdly, if you have worn your dress a lot of times then when prom comes around it's not going to feel as special.

When your prom dress become creased before your prom, it's possible to seek the advice of a professional dry cleaner.

When you buy ready

When it comes to prom night, in the event you put your dress on initially you risk accidentally marking your dress with product. Apply your make-up and style your hair before you put your dress on. You have to be especially careful with body lotions and temporary bronzers because these can transfer from your skin and cause marks to seem on prom dresses.

If you're wearing perfume then exercise caution. Lots of the beads and crystals on prom gowns could be tarnished when they get perfume in it. As such, perfume must be applied when you're still inside your underwear. Spray two squirts prior to you at chest height and after that walk through it.

Put your prom dress on in the last possible moment (leaving enough time to have photos taken before you leave). Princess style prom dresses take a little extra care to use and you will need a helping hand. The best way to put these kinds of gown on is usually to unzip or unlace it and after that put it on from above. You ought to stand with your arms up while a friend lifts it over your arms and head.

Importantly, always wash both hands before touching your gown.

During your prom

It's worth taking into account that a prom dress is definitely quite a delicate part of clothing. There is an increasing trend to arrive at prom in the wackiest possible way, but you should be careful to think about whether your arrival method risks damaging your prom dress. Prom gowns are made for sitting, standing and talking rather than much else! So make sure you not do anything to athletic in yours.

Should spill anything on the gown during prom then don't panic! Remove any excess such as the try and remove/rub the stain since you will only make it worse. Dry cleaners have a much better chance of removing stains from prom gowns if no-one else has tried first. Most significantly don't worry about it, it isn't worth letting a stain on your own prom gown spoil your evening!

After your prom

You could wish to have your prom gown cleaned after your prom, to keep it in the best condition. You must approach a professional and reputable dry cleaner who's experience dry-cleaning prom dresses. They're going to then be able to recommend which process to use.

Or no damage has been caused for your dress (e.g. loose beading) you could wish to have this repaired before you decide to store your dress. Look online and check your phone book for details of local seamstresses who can mend prom dresses

If your dress has been dry-cleaned you must store it in its garment bag. As prom gowns tend to take up lots of space, you may not desire to keep it in your wardrobe. You'll be able to line a large box using a bin line and place your dress inside (the bin liner will help keep moisture from the dress). Carefully package your decorate into a large box and store it under your bed, in the spare room or even in the loft.

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